Oh Henry!

The Dish: Roasted Brussels Sprout Caesar (add Chicken) and Chicken Tortilla Soup
The Place: The Henry
The Location: 4455 E. Camelback Road Phoenix Arizona 85018 602-429-8020

By: Erik Merkow

One of the great food trends i’ve noticed over the last few years has been roasted Brussels Sprouts (of which I was never a fan). Until my sister Jan introduce me to them, she cooked them damn near to perfection. She sliced them in half, gave them a light bath in olive oil and dusted them with seasoning. As Joey would say from Blossom..”Wow!”.

With that all the fame and recognition I just gave my sister, how could I not try the Roasted Brussels Sprout Caesar salad (and add chicken)? I did and I loved it. The brussels sprouts were roasted to perfection but what I loved the most where the brussels spout leaves that fell off the sproutling (yeah, I just made that word up) and were so nice and crispy! I also ordered a cup of the Market Soup, which today was Chicken Tortilla made from scratch daily. Ummmmm…ask every time you go to see if it’s the daily soup, then get it! It was a perfect combination of flavors and jalapeño spices!

I loved hanging out at the Henry, the flow, decor, service and people makes for a great morning, midday or evening experience I’ll be coming back over and over (and i’ll be brining Jan when she’s in town)! And, if I wasn’t a food writer, I would keep getting the Roasted Brussels Sprout Caeser…but at the same time, I want to try all their food!

BTW: Ron the bartenders two favorite dishes are The Thai Peanut Black Cod and Korean Style Skirt stake. That’s next on my agenda! Thanks Ron!

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