A Crowd Funded Festival – Az Food & Wine Festival

What: Az Food & Wine Festival, The First Crowd Funded Festival
When: April, 2017 Dates TBD
Where: North Scottsdale & Online with Kickstarter
Tickets: GA $60.00 and Up, see Kickstarter Link
Sponsors: $5,000 and Up, see Kickstarter Link
Restaurants: $300 and Up, see Kickstarter Link

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Be part of something wonderful and help kickstart and crowdfund the first annual Az Food & Wine Festival by buying your tickets early. Back our project and help us achieve our op-ex goal by committing to purchasing your tickets, your booth, and or your sponsorship package once our goal is achieved. To be very clear, if our goal is not achieved, our project backers will not be charged, but that’s obviously not the goal!
Who doesn’t love a great food, wine, drink, and music event? We’ve received so much support and feedback that this is an event that’s very much in demand. Our plan is to bring together some of the best dishes throughout Arizona, from Sedona, to Williams, to Bisbie and Scottsdale. We’ll provide our community the opportunity to taste all these epicurean creations in one location which will allow you to plan your dinning out experiences in our culinary playground for the year to come. We’ll have pairing preparations with wines and cheeses, to which wines bring out the best flavors of entrees and desserts. Local and national chefs and restauranteurs interacting with our community, fun experiences with a challenge to find our one of a kind speakeasy tent!  We’ll also be highlighting Arizona wines and Arizona homegrown music scene which we believe is on the edge of becoming the next big scene!


So please join us by either committing to your tickets,  if you’re a restaurant in town secure your booth (or a booth for wine, drinks or other foodie related items), or partner with us by selecting an advertising package (additional packages available upon request) .  This is a one of a kind experience that YOU can help make happen.  Please contact us with any questions!

eat | drink | dance | share

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