Attention Guys! Some Valentines Day Tips You Don’t Want to Miss!

The Day: Feb 14th, Valentines Day
The Dishes: Snooze Am Eatery and their off the chart pancakes, Tanzy fresh mozzarella made at your table, Oysters at Dominick’s,  Orange Sky at Talking Stick resort or La Hacienda at the Princess Resort
The Drinks: Mimosas at Breakfast Club, wine at Sorso Scottsdale Quarter , more wine at Orange Sky. and more wine, music and dancing in the kitchen at home
The Sweets: XOColatl Chocolates!
The Flowers: 6 Dozen Red Roses
The Gift: Tiffany & Co

I thought I would provide a few ideas for our guy friends who might need some tips…

This year the big day is on a Sunday, and what a great day for a fun filled journey to some of Arizonas finest places.  But before you do that, here’s a little advice to help make your girl feel like your princess…

Go get a minimum of a 6 dozen beautiful long-stemmed red roses arranged simply in a tall vase, and take a trip (very soon, like this week) to Tiffany & Co where you can never go wrong.  If you live together, deliver the roses along with a beautiful Elsa Peretti® Open Heart pendant necklace from Tiffany & Co to her in bed :-).  Once she sees the Tiffany blue box and white bow wrapping, and the abundance of incredible roses, the morning will warm hear heart and make the start to the day incredibly special.

Begin you day with an Uber call, because if you’re going to do this day right, your food selections should have appropriate pairings with some alcoholic beverages, laughs and a heck of a lot of kissing!

First stop should be Snooze Am Eatery where you can’t go wrong with any of the pancake selections, Pineapple Upside Down Pancakes with caramelized pineapple chunks, housemade vanilla crème anglaise and cinnamon butter, or the Sweet Potato Pancake topped with homemade caramel, candied pecans and ginger butter, or Coffee and Donuts Pancakes “donuts” filled with spiced granny smith apples, topped with chai glaze, walnut streusel and accompanied by a wee cup o’ espresso cream, and a couple mimosas. After your pancakes and continuing on the mimosa train, you can find your way down to the Breakfast Club in Old Town Scottsdale for I swear the largest mimosa i’ve ever had. Just sit at the bar, enjoy each other until it’s time to transition.  Once you’re ready, head up to Sorso at Scottsdale quarter for a few flights of your favorite wine along with an awesome charcuterie platter.  We love the environment and vibe of Sorso.  The wide selections of wines provides a great tasting experience that will sit perfectly right in the middle of V-Day.  When you’re ready, make you way around the corner and up the escalator for a little fresh made mozzarella, sliced tomatoes, pancetta, and a crazy collection of salts…at Tanzy for your next stop (no Uber needed).  But, make sure you save room for some oysters at Dominicks, some of the absolutely best oyster in the valley (this is assuming you both like oysters).

After maybe a little snuggling/napping (wink, wink) at home, then pick one of the two diner places listed above (you have to make reservations as soon as possible).  My favorite is Orange Sky where you need to request a private booth that over looks the valley.  I would recommend this reservation aligns with the sunset where you could enjoy drinks on the patio and then the sunset at your table (make sure in your reservation you request the west side for the sunset and spectacular views).  You literally can’t go wrong with a single dish at Orange Sky.  If you aren’t able to get in on Sunday, La Hacienda at the Princes Resort is a hidden gem here in the valley.  I truly believe this too is one of the best restaurants in town with it’s authentic Mexican cuisine from deep in the southern part of Mexico.

Last and certainly not least, when you get home, take out a chilled bottle of champaign, turn on some Sam Smith, Coldplay and James Morrison and get out your XOColatl Chocolate (which you need to order them asap!).  With flavors like Strawberry Kiss, creamy milk chocolate infused with strawberry puree and creme de fraise, and Bananas Foster, white chocolate with bananas flambéed in Bermudan rum and brown sugar, and Crema De Limon, with white chocolate ganache with freshly zested lemons and mascarpone, you can feed eathother these Willy Wonka-ess chocolate creations with a great champaign pairing.

I can go on and on, but I won’t.  Finish off your V Day with some sweet kisses and music and  slow dancing in the kitchen.

May your X’s and O’s flow!
Happy Valentines Day


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