Build your Own Donut? Heck Yes!!!

The Dishes: Freshly made and customized donuts
The Place: The Fractured Prune
The Location: 4910 West Ray Road (Suite 1), Chandler, AZ 85226

By: Erica Cron

It’s not ordinary to stumble upon a place that reminds you of being seven years old again-until you discover the Fractured Prune. The build-your-own donut concept the Fractured Prune offers makes for a very unique experience. Alex Estes, the store manager at the Chandler location said, “We want people to experience everything. So you can come in and watch the whole process, you’re able to watch the donut go through the fryer. We will dip it in glazes, we will dip it in toppings. You can completely customize your order or you can pick from our favorites list.”

The concept of the Fractured Prune is executed very well. The process is easy-flowing and seems like more of an experience than traditional donut outings, something the children will definitely love. They offer 19 different glazes and 13 different toppings. That means there are possibilities for over 200 different and colorful combinations! The donuts can be topped with anything from maple to raspberry glazes and bacon to mini-marshmallow toppings. Dreams really do come true, folks.

The Fractured Prune originated in 1976 on the East Coast. Since then, it has made it’s way to the West Coast and is taking up Arizona by storm. With a location in Chandler, and new locations in Tempe, Glendale, and two in Phoenix, these donuts are likely to be in your reach. The Fractured Prune’s reputation is something they have definitely earned, find out what the hype is all about! Visit the Fractured Prune website at to see a list of all of their glazes, toppings, and new spots around Arizona.

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