Caffe Boa – It Is Worth Traveling Westward of The I-10

Caffe Boa Ahwatukee


There’s a long-standing joke that Ahwatukee residents don’t cross eastward over the I10 for any reason whatsoever.   As a wine writer, and Ahwatukee resident, I do have to leave the comforts of our cul de sac to venture out and explore the valley.  Today, however I have the pleasure of sharing the story of an exceptional restaurant right in the heart of Ahwatukee called Caffe Boa.

Caffe Boa has a huge local following in the community of Ahwatukee because they provide an experience that is unique to the area. They offer an elegant yet casual vibe that appeals to many people.  “We have an original menu and great daily specials so guests can choose from many options” said Owner, Scott Rennard.  They are also known to attract people from all over the valley.  “We know there are hundreds of restaurants to choose from so we are always happy to see people that make the drive to Caffe Boa for dinner” he said with pride.

Scott has been the owner of Caffe Boa for 23 years.  “I remember when we opened our doors in 1995, it was a very different time as there were very few restaurants nearby.  As time progressed, we saw many restaurants come and go within a five-mile radius” said Scott.   “It’s difficult because there are so many factors that can affect one’s ability to survive in any business such as rising costs, family illness — you name it, so I appreciate every day our continued success and can only thank our customers that continue to support us” he sentimentally added.

As a Sommelier, and more importantly just a lover of good wine, I appreciate the quality and accuracy of the wine list at Caffe Boa.  When I go out to dinner, I want to know that the wine will be as good as the food. Caffe Boa goes above and beyond to make this happen.  Scott’s love of wine is a huge part of what keeps this consistent.  “Wine has always been a great passion for me.  Of course, I love wines like Harlan Estate in Napa, but they often come with a huge price tag.  Some of my favorite wines are in a very reasonable price range and I think you will see this reflected on our wine list” said Scott.

The food and wine pairings at Caffe Boa will never disappoint. “We love to pair our wines with food based on what is fresh and in season.  Some of my favorite pairings is our simple Arugula Insalata with a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and our hugely popular Beef Medallions with one of our Bordeaux blends.  We try to keep a list of assorted varietals and vintages so guests can select the perfect wine for their meal or taste by the glass. We even offer some local Arizona wines” said Scott.

I grew up in a family-owned-business and will never forget the blood, sweat and tears that goes into keeping things up and running.  So, when I asked Scott about his plans for the future, his response touched my heart. He said “My mentor when I was young, and a busser working for $2.00 an hour, always told me that one restaurant is enough. I always remembered that, he was hugely successful and felt that part of his success was him being there on a regular basis, he was tough but the food and service were top notch.”   Scott has clearly followed in these footsteps. You can always count on good ole nostalgia to mold a person.

Caffe Boa hosts wine dinners, receptions, weddings, and even school events.  Their wine dinners are typically 3-4 courses paired with wines, live music, prizes and a wine maker or representative available to talk about the wines.  The beautiful patio is perfect for any occasion or just dinner on a random night.  You will always see a menu board listing the specials for the evening. You can count on an excellent selection of steak, fresh fish, or chicken or pasta.

Scott didn’t want to end the interview without the mention of his staff.  “We have some of the best staff one could ask for, with some going back almost 20 years. Your staff is an extension of you, and they must perform as if they were the proprietor and treat every customer the way they would want themselves to be treated.  I am very fortunate to have such a great crew” he said with great honor.

So, as Caffe Boa remains a staple in the community of Ahwatukee, I say with great confidence and gratification to those all over the valley, it is worth traveling westward of the I10.

Caffe Boa is located at 5063 E Elliot Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85044. You can get on their mailing list by going to caffeboa1@msn.comor checking out their website at






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