Consuming this Art with Some Friends is a Must!

The Place: J’s Kaiyō Sushi + Bar
The Location: 4412 N Miller Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
The Hours: Mon-Thu 3:30 p.m. to 10 p.m., Fri-Sat 3:30 p.m. to 11 p.m., Closed on Sunday
The Dish: Crab + Avocado, King of Persia Roll, The Kaiyo roll, + the grill
By: Erik Merkow

Chef Jason McGrath and his team are doing some wonderful things at J’s Kaiyō Sushi + Bar.  The creativity, layering, and flavor journey they take you on is truly something special! Nestled in the shopping center on the southwest corner of Camelback and Miller roads (you know, where Zipps is!), this is a sushi bar/grill you’ll want to add to your culinary wish list.

We neglected to discuss where their fish came from, but honestly it doesn’t really matter. This fish was sooooo fresh and tender, it felt as though it melted in your mouth.  We started our night with the crab + avocado.  This stuffed avocado was beautifully presented on a cut slate rock (at least we believe it was slate), with mango vinaigrette drops.  The toasted seeds sat on the blistered outside layer of the avocado which was sliced in quarters.  The blue crab mixed with fresno, and cilantro  was to die for, and even better once dipped into he mango vinaigrette.  Next came out the Kaiyo Roll.  Ready for this list???  The blue crab + tempura asparagus + cucumber topped with big eye tuna + yellowtail + salmon + yuzu tobiko + hawaiian sea salt (OMG!) + scallion + shallots  + chili oil + togarashi + yuzu,  was spectacular.  Everyone of these flavors came through this dish. It might be one of my favorite rolls ever!  The second roll wasn’t shabby either.  The King of Persia with big eye tuna + tempura green onion + avocado topped with big eye tuna + ginger garlic sauce + sriracha was again, a great roll and a perfectly powerful punch of flavors.

We were also lucky enough to try some of chef’s treats from the grill. The one that stood out was the short rib on top of a cauliflower purée. This dish almost felt like it was our dessert. But obviously not! It was just delicious meat!!!

Everything at J’s was so beautifully prepared and presented, sometimes it was hard to eat the art in front of us. We highly recommend you find you way into J’s Kaiyō sushi + bar and go with a few people so you can all share and taste each others dishes. Get ready for a flavor journey experience. And say ‘hi’ to Chef McGrath and his team from AZ Food & Wine!

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