Dining at the Deco Desoto Central Market

The Dish: Mah Boy Blue! Burger, side of french fries
The Place: DCM Burger Joint at Desoto Central Market, Downtown Phoenix
The Location: 915 N Central Ave Phoenix, Arizona 85004

By: Blake M. Wilson

Ah, yes! Eating lunch with the boss. These situations can never go too well. It’s always a good thing to stick with one of the basic lunch food groups, salads, tacos or burgers. The last option it was, and we decided to take a dive for Desoto Central Market’s DCM Burger….no, I don’t workout. Why do you ask?

We arrive at the old deco-decked out co-op on the corner of Roosevelt and Central, finding a number of options inside the DCM warehouse. As a connoisseur of eggs on burgers, I couldn’t resist the Mah Boy Blue! Burger, a succulent patty topped with bleu cheese, peppered bacon, crispy onions, port ketchup and, of course, a fried egg. I see Blue, and he looks glorious.



A side of perfectly salted, perfectly crispy fries cuddles up right next to my burger. I toss back a handful of them between huge burger bites. I’m almost certain they didn’t eat this well back in the 1920s.

The meal’s going well. The boss man is loving his South x Southwest burger, topped with chilies and melted cheese. Fries seemed to find a way into his meal too. Resistance is futile.

From the brink of demolition, the Desoto building was built in 1928, originally used as a Motorcars company. After switching to an antiques shop and then an advertising firm, the red-brick warehouse underwent major renovations prior to housing local culinary talents in their food court.

The old building becomes a hotspot at night, especially for the First Friday types of Phoenix. With the restaurants inside popping and local artists showcasing their material, the place beckons the groovy to show up.

My boss, clearly impressed with my tastes, gave his seal approval prior to heading back to work. Is there more an employee can ask for? Probably not.

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