Dive Into Original Breakfast House

The Place: Original Breakfast House
The Location: 13623 N. 32nd Street, Phoenix
The Dish: Machaca Scramble and Brioche Cinnamon Roll
By: Jessica Cowan

With its surfboard-lined walls, psychedelic décor, and syrupy fragrance, Original Breakfast House mixes a warm, homestyle atmosphere with a 1960s twist. Not only do they offer an expansive menu with delicious and affordable options, but they even offer customers the chance to buy their specially-made sauces, tie-dyed t-shirts, and decadent bakery items.

During our visit, we sampled one of the items from their specialty menu, the Machaca Scramble ($12.50), as well as the Brioche Cinnamon Roll ($3.95), which immediately caught my eye the moment I walked through the door. Both options were delicious and hearty, and the Machaca Scramble was served with shredded Mexican-style beef, tomatoes, onions, scrambled eggs, beans, rice, and tortillas. The dish had a light kick to it, made even stronger (and better!) with the OBH hot sauce made in-house, which is available for purchase at the register.

If savory is not your style, then the Brioche Cinnamon Rolls are for you. With a waterfall of warm, gooey icing, these cinnamon rolls are reminiscent of homestyle comfort foods that make your mouth water. The rolls are so large (emphasis on large) that mine easily became its own entrée. In fact, I could hardly finish it!

Complete with Beatles memorabilia and Volkswagen salt-and-pepper shakers, this restaurant has a fun, eclectic vibe. The hallway leading to the bathroom boasted Alice Cooper posters from 1975, a drawing of Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe artwork, and more. The staff are friendly, attentive, and helpful, and the owner was seen walking around the restaurant, asking customers about their meals, and running the cash register.

Speaking of cash, OBH does not accept any credit or debit cards, but don’t worry–they have an ATM available if you forget to bring cash with you. This traditional method of payment doesn’t seem to deter any potential customers, because the restaurant was packed! With options like the lemon-inspired pancakes, peaches and cream crepes, and gluten-free bakery items, it’s easy to see why OBH attracts so many customers.

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