Enchiladas?! Gadzooks!

The Food: Roasted Tomatillo Chicken, Guajillo Short Rib, and Green Chile Pork Enchiladas
The Place: Gadzooks Enchiladas, Uptown Phoenix
The Location: 3313 N. 7th St., Phoenix, AZ 85014

By: Blake M. Wilson

“Flour or Corn?” I awake from my work day glaze to the sounds and smells of an enchilada food line, people picking and choosing their meat, cheeses and anything else you can throw on a ‘lada. “Flour or Corn!?” I suppose I should answer her. “Both!” That’s right, I said both. And, you know what? I got it.

The 50/50 shell, as they call it, needs some meat. I request the chicken, short rib and pork, (for those who didn’t ruin the surprise by reading my intro), each of them marinated in their own sauces for savor-ability. Jack AND cheddar? Throw it on there! No qualms about this cheesy mix. Red sauce or green sauce? Christmas it up! I’m all in.

My enchilada handlers slide the dish into the flames, presumably those of a benevolent fire god, as I await for my lunch to cook.

I study the rows of toppings, prepping for the inevitable question, “What else would you like on your ‘ladas?”. The stone pan is fully heated, and it’s time to add the garnishes. Guac, green salsa, cole slaw, and the powdered cotija cheese pile on my freshly baked enchiladas. mic drop

I dive straight in, the different spices all mixing into a picante blend that’s as satisfying as it is hot. Where would I be without Mexican food? Probably lost, wandering aimlessly into the wilderness.

The contrasting meats integrate well with one another due to their shared experience in the oven. The sauces and cheese kick up the heat in tandem. The enhancements on the top help to match all the textures and flavors together like one of your ice-breaking buddies helping you meet women at the bar. There’s a science to it all, and I happen to be a food chemist.

By the time I finish scooping the remains with my side tortilla chips, I’m adequately full. My pep talks prior to ordering never seem to take hold. Three ‘ladas are too much for lunch. Yet, how can you pass up even one of those meats on a trip to Gadzooks? It’s best to just continue to get them all. I’ll eat less when I’m dead.

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