Exclusive Bar Cart Muddles Through the Summer Heat

The Place: W Scottsdale Hotel
The Location: 7277 East Camelback Road, Scottsdale
What: Exclusive Drinks at the Bar Cart
By: Carrie Rhoads (aka: Craft Cocktail Carrie)

Detox. Retox. Repeat. Sounds like a typical Saturday and Sunday for the weekend warriors in Scottsdale, but as I learned at a recent cocktail event at the W Scottsdale it is also their unofficial motto. Consider me intrigued.

Full transparency, I live two miles from the W Scottsdale, but it had been years since I had gone there for a social outing. When I heard about their private cocktail experience hosted by general manager David Cronin, it was the perfect excuse to go back. David is not only the GM of the trendy Scottsdale outpost of the luxury hotel brand, but he is an avid motorcycle rider and mixologist. A jack of all trades, once a week he sets up a bar cart with the help of his staff at an undisclosed location in the hotel, where he shakes and stirs some delicious libations for unsuspecting guests.

GM David Cronin hard at work

On this particular week day the bar cart was set up near the guest elevators. Patrons were welcomed to experience the cocktail of the day, the aptly named Cronin Cucumber, on the way to or from their room. During peak season, David and his crew may set up their roving cocktail cart in more secluded or exclusive areas of the hotel, and guests are hand selected to join the GM for a one of a kind experience. During low season, as I came to find out, they set up shop more casually in high traffic areas of the hotel.

Cronin Cucumber

David has been hosting these private cocktail experiences since December 2017. The cocktail themes vary by season and often focus on local and seasonal offerings. The theme for the last few weeks has been “Muddle through Summer”, highlighting lighter cocktails with fresh fruit and herbs from Arizona. Our cocktail was The Cronin Cucumber; a mix of Arcadia Cucumber Vodka (from local distiller O.H.S.O), muddled cucumber, lime and mint and a dash of simple syrup. The refreshing beverage is then shaken and topped with soda water. The cocktail was refreshing and well balanced with just enough tartness to add a kick.

The “Muddle through Summer” lineup: When Life Gives You Lemons, Pomelo Prick, The Cronin Cucumber and American Pie

David reassured me that the W offers much more than raging pool parties for the twenty-something crowd. I was privy to genuine hospitality paired with inventive and experimental cocktails in a welcoming environment. Cheers David and team! Rest assured it will not be years before I am back again!

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