Hanny’s History and 88

The Dish: Chopped Salad (+ chicken)
The Place: Hanny’s
The Location: 40 N. First St, Phoenix, AZ 85004  (602) 252-2285

From Hanny’s History tab on their website:  Constructed in 1947 the Hanny’s building features 3 stories, a basement, and a mezzanine level. It is located at the prominent southwest corner of Adam’s and 1st Streets in downtown Phoenix.
The opening of the Hanny’s Department Store was heralded in the November 22, 1947 Arizona Times as “an architectural divergence” for Downtown Phoenix and also for bringing a “new look”, architecturally speaking, to the city. The building’s international-style facade brought thousands to its opening and Hanny’s was praised as being a modern department store.
The building is a significant late example of prominent local architects Royal Lescher and Leslie Mahoney. Throughout their long careers, Lescher and Mahoney produced architectural designs of high quality that reflected the latest, popular styles of the day. With the Hanny’s Building, the latest style was the International Style. This technique became trendy in the United States by the 1930’s, but did not reach Phoenix until the late 1940’s.
Hanny’s is recognized as the best International Style commercial building in Phoenix, and possibly in Arizona. The building itself recognized the city’s entry into the modern post World War II commercial era and significantly influenced commercial building design in the 1950’s.
This branch of the Hanny’s department stores was the “go-to” place for Valley residents looking for sophisticated men’s fashions until its closure in 1986.
Following a short vacancy, the city purchased the building, and for many years had it repeatedly set afire for the training of city firefighters.
After a three-year restoration, the building has once again become Hanny’s Restaurant, a place to eat, drink, and be merry!

We pulled the above directly from their website, this building is significant in the history of Phoenix and when you visit Hanny’s, make sure you take the time to walk all around the building.  There are some wonderful surprises throughout, trust us!

So for the food…the salad we consumed was recommended by the impeccable Patti O’Brien (of the Irish O’Brians ;-).   She raved for days how imperative it was we tried this salad, which to her delight, was a porkless salad (no, she’s not a Irish Jew, she actually is allergic).

The chopped salad was spectacular!  The mixed greens, artichoke hearts, cherry tomatoes, red onion, avocado, mushroom, sliced hard-boiled egg, shaved parmigiano and hearts of palm with a dijon balsamic vinaigrette was perfect!!!  Nothing needed to be added or subtracted. And after having a conversation with the general manager and understanding the history of the restaurant, it all came into focus (like being in the optometrist office and having those lens click at one time revealing the entire eye chart).  The group behind Hanny’s is Az 88 in Old Town Scottsdale, one of my all time favorite staples in the heart of Scottsdale.  I used to engulf their salads back in my 944 Magazine days.  Their salads set the standard for great culinary greens.

If you work in downtown Phoenix, you must already be aware of Hanny’s, but if you don’t, you do now!  If you visit downtown from time to time and are looking for some great culinary experiences, make sure Hanny’s is on your list! And…make sure you visit the basement!

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