It’s Official! The Best Deep Dish Everrrrrr Is Looking At Coming To Arizona!!

The Food: Deep Dish Pizza
The Place: Lou Malnatis Pizzaria
The Location: Arizona TBD

“Hi, Erik: thank you for your interest in Lou Malnati’s in The Vally. We are currently looking for a site location and once that is secure will will have a more definite response. Right now, it is our hope to be open in late spring but nothing is definite until we have a site. We are excited to expand into AZ – our first pizzeria outside of Chicagoland…”  Mindy  – Director of Sales & Marketing

Have you ever experienced a true deep dish pizza from Chicago? Well, I have and it was my ex-wifes father (I prefer to just say someone I dated). This pizza was literally the best pizza I’ve ever consumed. The way I would describe this pie to my friends was “a pizza made with a flaky croissant crust that literally would melt in your mouth!” Anytime I had a friend to the house when this magical pizza was being created, it was guaranteed they would stay on top of me asking repeatedly, “when is next time your father-in-law would be over again to make his pizza?”.

Mikeys recipe came straight out of Chicago where he owned a restaurant way back in the day. Unfortunately he passed away a number of years ago, taking his heavenly recipe with him. However, I recently found out that the famous Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria from Chicago is coming to Arizona. After reviewing their site and recalling my Chicago visit from over 10 years ago…I was ecstatic to realize this was the one deep dish pizza that reminded me of Mikey’s deep dish, and dare I tell him when I experienced it, was better than his!

We are beyond excited for Lou to bring his deep dish, mouth watering, heavenly experience to the valley of the sun. With their 42 locations in Illinois, the 43rd is going to be the one everyone talking about (albeit with a full mouth!).  If you want to try Lou’s before the big opening, you can actually have a pizza shipped to you from Chicago, go figure! Click here to order!

Tell us where you’d like to see Lou’s open!

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