Krazy Good Grilling – Cauliflower

The Dish: Grilled Krazy Cauliflower
The Place: Home cooking
The Location: Your grill

We love the idea of sharing some of our communities own recipes cooked up here in Arizona. So our first dish is from our very own Erik Merkow. This creation was inspired from his grandmother-in-law who used to make the most amazing deep fried cauliflower over the holidays (that dish will be featured too). This dish inspired Erik to try grilling the vegetable he used to hate (or rather never bothered trying) on the grill. It became an instant personal grilling classic in his household and every friend who tried it! If you don’t like cauliflower or simply never had a taste for it, we guarantee after you try making this dish, it will become a regular in your grilling rotation.

1 head of cauliflower
Olive oil
Janes Krazy Salt
Parmesan cheese

Cut head into flowerets, place in bowl. Generously drizzle over cauliflower mixing around and covering the cauliflower. Now do the same generously apply the krazy salt (the key is to be generous). Then repeat step with parmesan cheese but not as generous. Place on grill and cook till heads get some blackening.

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