Looking for New Material? Try Corduroy

The Dish: Scallops and Pancetta
The Drink: Bees Knees
The Place: Corduroy
The Location: 2601 N Central Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85004 602-374-7585

Central Phoenix is the hub for some of the best restaurants in the valley, so I always find it overwhelming when trying to decide where to eat whenever I’m in the area. Recently, I found myself driving down Central Avenue, searching for something new and different and saw Corduroy. I decided to check it out for a lunch visit.

Corduroy is located in a building originally occupied by a grocery store in the 1920’s. They tried to keep as much of the original red brick and stained glass as possible, which works, because even though the décor is modern and sleek, it blends in perfectly with the old world charm.

The cocktail menu is extensive and impressive, however I decided on a Bees Knees, made with dripping springs gin, lemon juice, honey, and lemon twist. Perfect balance of sweet and sour.
I ordered a mimosa and Cuban Cigars with it. Wait, let me explain. It was a tapas style Asparagus Mimosa with asparagus, fried egg, garlic bread crumbs and lemon aioli. The Cuban Cigars are crispy wontons, with ham, pulled pork, gruyere, sweet onion and pickle dijon sauce.

Since the Asparagus Mimosa and Cuban Cigars were tapas style, smaller portions, I didn’t feel guilty for ordering a main entrée. Scallops and Pancetta, which was absolutely delicious. The scallops were seared to perfection, with crispy pancetta, potato purée and tomato cream sauce.

The server had offered another Bees Knees, but I declined, only because, it would have kept me buzzin’ the rest of the afternoon. I did however opt for a sugar buzz and ended the meal with Chocolate Ganache Cake made with chocolate cinnamon ganache cake with vanilla ice cream. It was moist and delicious with the perfect amount of cinnamon flavor.

Corduroy would be a great spot for leisurely lunch, happy hour or dinner.

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