Mozza on the Move – The Kierland / Quarter Crawl

The Dish: Mozzarella Cart
The Place: Tanzy
The Location: Scottsdale Quarter

By Linda Kondrosky

From the past couple articles on the Kierland / Quarter Crawl you may be sensing a theme I’ve been carrying which is ‘The Restaurant Experience’. Remember when we all lived somewhere else in the world where the skies were not so blue and the sun was not so hot (ok there are a few born and breds here but not many) and a night out was just a way to avoid cooking. Eat, drink, pay… that’s it, that’s all.
In the Scottsdale Quarter, there’s a restaurant that is everything but eat, drink, pay. If you look up… way up… there’s a place that appears at the top of the escalator. When the weather cools, the enormous doors open up to reveal an ultra modern lounge area where, I have to admit, I’ve spent a great deal of time. Comfy couches and fire tables make it a cozy environment to hang out with your friends at happy hour [but hey, who’s kidding who… any hour is happy]. The impressive reveal is TANZY.
Looking past the lounge area is an outstanding bar with amazingly comfortable bar chairs. I’m always impressed if I can leave a bar stool without unsightly chair indents on my legs, mainly because I’m rarely sitting in them for a short period of time…I digress. Behind the bar is kind of like the ‘beyond’ section of Bed Bath and Beyond. I mean, it looks cozy and perfect for some…. but personally I prefer to be where some action is. Speaking of action, perhaps I should get to the real meal of the story.
When I think of Tanzy I think of wide open spaces, comfy seating, an impressive wine list and a bar staffed with Mixologists who can create a cocktail from a mere description of whatever you desire. Their menu however is outstanding with, to mention just a few, mouth watering deep fried brussel sprouts, a tuna tartar that will send you to the sea, and Short Ribs that will appear in your dreams. However, it’s the Table Side Mozzarella cart that will rock your world. Not only is it entertaining to watch, your accompaniments are plentiful. From Prosciutto and figs to roasted tomatoes and crostini there is no end to the combinations. Once you’ve placed your order, sit back with your glass of wine and wait. You’re about to experience something so unique that at this point it is mere anticipation. Once the cart rolls over to you, your Mozzarella Specialist will lovingly pull and mold your mozzarella dipping it in and out of the hot water until it is at its perfect consistency. Your side plates will arrive at this point but I have to admit, for me, the added bonus is this: In addition to the ball of warm cheese, the side plate of meat and figs, you are presented with an offering of a large variety of salts of every flavor. From salts with smoky flavors, Hawaiian pink salts, to good old fashioned kosher, they will top off your table side mozzarella experience and will ‘pull’ you back into Tanzy for more. I simply cannot end this article with that ‘cheesy’ ending so I leave you with this. Whether you go to Tanzy before or after an Ipic movie, for Brunch (another favorite of mine), lunch or just a night out, your experience will always leave you coming back for more but next time, bring your friends and I’ll see you there.

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