New Restaurant Alert! North Scottsdale

The Dish: Superfood Salad w/shrimp & Faux Pho with shrimp (apparently I like shrimp today!)
The Place: Kale & Clover
The Location: 20511 N Hayden Rd., Scottsdale, Az 85225 480-568-8707

Today we decided to head over to North Scottsdales newest addition, Kale & Clover where the Osio Culinary Group is taking the valley by storm!  Starting with Local Bistro (here in the same shopping center), then Central Bistro (in Phoenix/Biltmore area), and Sumo Maya (at Lincoln and Scottsdale road), Kale & Clover is the latest addition to the family of successful restaurants launched by German and his team. K&C is a welcome addition in an area starving for a mindful menu catering to the healthy conscious minds here in North Scottsdale.  The spot they took over has changed hands more times than I can count, which makes it even sweeter knowing this concept is an absolute home run!

Today I came in looking to sit on a beautiful patio, get some work done, enjoy a coffee and then lunch.  The caramel coconut latte was great.  I would have never thought to add coconut to any of my lattes, but it worked and worked well.

After getting a little work done and watching the traffic start to pick up, I decided to order my food.  One of my favorite dishes at Sumo Maya is the Mexican Pho, so naturally I had to try the Faux Pho here.  I also ordered the Superfood salad as well.  Both dishes came to the table in the large bowls you see above.  Of course I thought, well, I’ll just be tasting one due to the abundance of food I just ordered.  I started with the Pho…and I could NOT stop eating this dish!!  This caramelized shitake broth grabs you right away with it’s deep rich flavors, the rice noodles cooked to perfection, shitake mushrooms (which I typically do not like, but did these!), tofu, Thai basil, sprouts, chilies and lime.  I’m telling you hands down this is one of my favorite dishes EVER!  After making myself stop, I dove into the Superfood salad.  Again, this dish was fantastic!  The combination of kale, romaine, red quinoa, beets, avocado, almonds, apricots, and lemon dressing is simply a beautifully composed and balanced salad.  Again, I had to stop myself from eating all of it!

So, get to Kale & Clover, I guarantee you will absolutely love your experience.  Also, take advantage of the grand opening deals like 1/2 priced wines and a free small coffee for the month of March!  But don’t go in just for those offers, go because the food is fantastic!


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