Pho-Nominal Lunch!

The Dishes: Chicken Pho & Egg Rolls with Marinated Grilled Beef
The Place: Tea Light Cafe VIETNAMESE CUISINE
The Location: 7000 E. Mayo Blvd. #1084 Phoenix, AZ 85054

We had a great lunch today with a new friend, Joanie Simon with Restaurant Live Az. At Joanie’s suggestion we tried out Tea Light Cafe, a fantastic Vietnamese restuarant at Mayo Blvd and Scottsdale Road. The location is tucked away towards the west side of the complex. This cafe is a quaint little spot that is delivering some amazing food.

Here is Joanie’s take on her dish…”Tea Light Cafe’s Chicken Pho was supremely satisfying, much thanks to a harmonious balance of flavors and a rich bone broth. It was simple and hearty, taking chicken noodle soup to the next level. The only downside was the inevitable post-pho coma that is associated with this classic Vietnamese dish, but it was a great excuse to take a nap.”

My grilled beef was great (How funny would it be if I left it at that after Joanie’s eloquent review above?). Lol, I loved my dish, the beef was mouthwatering tender, the rice noodles (which I love) cooked to pho-fection and veggies where so fresh and blended perfectly with then beef and noodles. The icing on top of this cake was the egg rolls, quite possibly one of the best I’ve had in the valley!

So, if you’re looking for a great lunch spot or some pho-nominal vietnamese cuisine, Tea Light Cafe is a must try.

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