Planting Vines for Communion…Works for Us!

The Wine: Santo Thomas, Naui, Adobe Guadalupe, Cava Maciel
The Place: Tarbell Wine Store, AJ’s Fine Foods and Total Wine

By Sandra Munoz

Mexico is no Juanny come lately to the wine business. In fact, it has been in existence since the early 1600s. Easy to pair with virtually any food, it can be the exclamation point to many excellent culinary creations.


Conquistador Hernan Cortes ordered that grape vines be planted throughout Mexico. The Catholic missionaries spreading Christianity throughout the region also started planting vines in order to make communion wines for church services. In 1699, King Charles II of Spain became alarmed by the missionaries wine production and the inability to tax Mexican wine. He then ordered all vines to be destroyed. Which then opened the door for beer and Tequila production in Mexico.


Valle De Guadalupe in Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, is the most prolific wine region in Mexico and a culinary center for world-class food and quality wines. It has more than 26 wineries that produce amazing wines with their own distinct styles and flavors.

Choices, choices…

Santo Thomas is Baja’s oldest winery known for its Duetto blend, consisting of a sixty / forty mix of grapes from ancient Tempranillo vines, and Cabernet Aromas of Black Fruits. With a very bold and rich taste on the palate, it is a must try.

Naui is an old Mexican gourmet wine, blended from of Cabernet, Syrah, Nebbiolo, and Merlot. It’s a complex wine with notes of cacao and dark spices.

 Adobe Guadalupe is a top-notch winery, and boutique hotel of the same name, that produces some great wines. Kerubiel is a savory blend of Syrah, Mourverde, Cinsault and Grenache wines that pair wonderfully with poultry or pork belly.

Cava Maciel is a boutique winery, known for its Apogeo wine. Comprised of wine from the Nibbiolo grape, it is rich in flavor but requires decanting for an hour or more to allow it to “open up.”

This list is by no means all-inclusive. Instead, treat it as an invitation to discover the wines that Mexico has to offer. If you are ready to unlock the flavors of Mexican Wines you can purchase at Tarbell Wine Store, AJ’s Fine Foods and Total Wine.

About the Author – Sandra Munoz is the creator of a Lifestyle and Auto Blog with a Latin flair.



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