Quesadilla Lovers, Unite!

The Dish: Steak and Bleu Carne Asada
The Truck: United Lunchadores 
The Location: Biltmore Corporate Office Center

By: Laura Stoddard

About once a month, several food trucks roll into the corporate center where I work and a joyous reprise of “Food Truck Friday!” can be heard ringing throughout the building. I don’t know what makes them so cool and trendy, but the novelty of food trucks has just exploded in the last decade. You see one driving down the street and almost want to follow it.

Now I’m the kind of person who, once I discover something edible that I really like, sticks to it. I am magnanimously dedicated in that way. “I enjoy you, culinary creation—you have my undying devotion. You’re welcome.” That being said, I LOVE quesadillas. I also, jokingly, like to pronounce them incorrectly (quesa-DILL-a), and do it so often that it once got me embarrassingly in trouble in Mexico. “No! I know how to pronounce it! I promise!”

Anyway, although a variety of trucks pulls in every month, I always gravitate toward one: The United Lunchadores, a truck specializing in those delicious quesa-dill-as. Like most food trucks, the menu only boasts a few items; in this case, they have six featured creations, ranging from a Thai-inspired dish to marinated chicken breast and carne asada. You can also get the Lil’ Dilla, the basic cheese-only option.

I usually go with chicken (pollo in Spanish, pronounced POY-yo. See, I know that one), but this time I decided to try something different, so I opted for the Steak and Bleu. First of all, their quesadillas are just pretty to look at. The smell is phenomenal. And even though I usually have salt and pepper standing by—just in case—I took one bite and quickly put it away. So much flavor! The bleu cheese gave it a great little bite, but Pico de Gallo and jack cheese kept the flavors from being dominated by the large chunks of blue. The carne asada was tender and juicy, and the chips and salsa included made it a very satisfying meal. I washed it down with one of their signature Luncharitas, hand-crafted fruit juice served in a mason jar.

These guys also have a restaurant location, the Taco and Dilla Parlor, in northern Phoenix, and they cater. Check out the United Lunchadores website to find out when they’ll be at a valley location near you, because on Laura’s List, they get five stars.

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