Say Hello to Our Wine Ambassador, a Fine Wine Loving Man!

Hello AZ Food and Wine community.  My name is Jack Bulkin.  I have been asked by Az Food & Wine to create a Column exclusively focused on Wine.  Since the focus is on everything AZ Food and Wine, that seems to be an appropriate and needed focus, and I am pleased to offer my unique view about the Wonderful subject of Wine.

I am not A Professional Wine writer. I am neither a Sommelier nor am I a Master in Fine Wine.  What I am is a fine wine loving man who resides in the Valley.  I have been enjoying wine for nearly forty years.  I have tasted thousands of wines, and I maintain a rather large cellar stocked with wines that go back as far as my original days of discovering the wide diversity of varietals, wine regions and wine making techniques.  I have made many friends in the Wine community who are available to answer my questions about wine making.

I also have some experience in the Fine Wine Market in Arizona as well as knowledge of what is usually available in Wine lists in our numerous fine restaurants and Wine bars.  I’ve been part of The Scottsdale League for the Arts;   the Charity that runs The Scottsdale Culinary Festival each year as both a long time Director and President.  We offered many wonderful dinners in my time at the League with many of our terrific local Restaurants and some wonderful Wine pairings that I helped to create.

Now, enough words about me.  I have been asked to write a column about Wine that is both informative and fun.  I hope to receive questions from readers of AZ Food and Wine about Wine and food pairings with wine..  I also plan to provide useful articles about Wine including Arizona’s growing and productive Wineries as well as Wines from California Central Coast, Napa/Sonoma and other Regions around the World.  I have visited almost all of them in my lifetime including many trips to Italy and France to taste then current vintages.

Please do not hesitate to send any questions about Wine that you may have to

Bon appétit

Jack –  Wine Ambassador

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