There’s a Pot of Gold in the Desert

The Place: Sizzle Korean Barbecue
The Dish: Everything
The Location: Desert Ridge, North Phoenix  480-265-9406

By: Erik Merkow

My good friend Glen, who’s a connoisseur of just about everything, found something precious at Desert Ridge.  I’m thinking it must have been at the end of a rainbow with all of our recent rain, because it seemed like a pot of gold.  I personally had never experienced Korean Barbecue before, but Glen seemed to practically grow up on it with his travels and experiences in Asia.  So with that said, I had to let him do all the ordering.

As we were seated, the table was waiting with a plethora of wonderful side dishes (wish I could name and describe them all).  The cucumber was refreshing and light, the white onions…sweet and incredible!  There were diced potatoes, and red things (radishes I think) and a light salad with a soy vinaigrette!  These sides are all meant to be paired with the meats that are about to be prepared.  There were more, just look at the pics above.  I have never seen a soup (Kimchi Stew) delivered to a table boiling and steaming the way it was at Sizzle (see the instagram video here) and it had simmered considerably by this time.  The other side dish I fell in love with was the steamed eggs.  OMG!!  Sounds simple, but the flavors in these eggs delivers in their own mini pot, landed on my tong with a fluffy explosion of seasoning.  Glen ordered the Pork Combo with fresh pork belly, pork shoulder butt, and marinated pork short rib.  This was perfect for two people, two hungry people.  I loved having these meats prepared in the center of the table on the traditional Korean grill.  The flavor depths and profiles of each of these pork dishes left us looking around and wanting more and more.  I do have to admit I asked for some soy sauce, but realized I had no need for it.  Everything down to the white rice left me speechless.

Chef Hyunwook Lee is doing something incredibly special as it states on their website, “…with a new and adventurous dining experience with centuries of classic Korean techniques at a fine dining level.It begins by choosing from a selection of the best local meats available; then cook it up on a traditional Korean grill, right at your table! Immerse yourself with endless Asian spices and unique flavors. For added freshness, enjoy traditional soups and fresh salads – a great accompany to your meal.”  Ding!  Ding!  Ding! So right on!!  Can wait to see what’s next with HL Concepts but make sure to check out Nori Sushi, Puro Gelato, Yori (coming soon), and Kushi (coming soon)

You need to get to Desert Ridge and Sizzle Korean Barbecue!  I personally guarantee you will fall in love with this pot of gold!

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