What!! Postinos Is In…Kierland!

The Dish: Mozzarella & Tomatoes, Cheese Board, and Bruschetta
The Place: Postinos Kierland
The Location: 7030 E. Greenway Parkway in Kierland shopping center 602.899.1111 (open till midnight on weekends)

I decided to take my work to the bar (where the wifi was smoken fast) on Saturday where I would write a few articles, enjoy some food and wine, meet a few fun people, and be in the thick of the hottest place in North Scottsdale, the new Postinos in Kierland.  What a great space and location!  I swear Kierland just became 10 times more busier with shoppers which I have no doubt Postinos is the reason.  Who doesn’t love an afternoon of wine drinking and shopping with your girl or guy!  I would recommend starting with breakfast and mimosas though I didn’t get their early enough for breakfast, but that article’s coming soon!

When I found my spot at the bar, I was fortunate enough to have the best bartender, Sebastian helping me as I began a white wine tasting journey.  As you can see in the accompanied photos, I had wines from Italy, Chile, France, and a few others. Sebastian knowlege and eagerness to enlighten my tastebuds was awesome!  After a few glasses I decided to try the tomatoes & mozzarella topped with burrata cheese, basil and herb dressing…it was fantastic!!  After some more work and conversations, I dove into the bruschetta board where I ordered 4, Brie & Apples with Fig Spread, Tomato Jam & Fresh Sheeps Milk Cheese, Burrata, Bacon, Arugula & Tomato, and last Smoked Salmon with Pesto.  I’m sure we’ve all had some good bruschetta throughout Arizona…but Postinos has simply mastered these beautiful little creations!  If you have yet to experience them, you need to stop in and get’er done!

I’m pretty sure everyone reading this knows Postinos, and LOVES Postinos, which was obvious with how packed and long the wait was.  But you know it’s worth the wait!  Postinos took over the old Soma Intimates space across from North and RA sushi and they are still working on a second level for bigger parties which will have big open bay windows to the street side, they’re just waiting on the stairs to be installed.

If you’re in North Scottsdale/North Phoenix, you should be incredibly thankful the braintrust at Postinos had the vision to bring their wine cafe and culinary creations up north! One other bonus to my wonderful working Saturday, it was happy hour which meant to my delight, 5 dollar glasses of wine….WHAT???

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