Wish this Grocer Was On Every Corner!

The Dishes: Spaghetti & Crab, Porchetta – Roasted pork, seasoned with garlic, fennel and black pepper sandwich
The Place: Andreoli Italian Grocer
The Location: 8880 E. Via Linda Scottsdale, Az 85258

“As I open the doors of my new venture, Andreoli Italian Grocer, I extend my appreciation to all who have contributed to its existence. I thank my wife, Linda Scorzo, for her constant encouragement to realize this old project. I thank my mother, Adele Andreoli, who was the custodian of many of my grandmother’s recipes. My children, Francesca, Gian Paul, Angelino, my father, Serafino, and my dearest friends, especially Gianni Martino (my very picky Italian food critic from Torino) who have tasted my food, who rejoiced over my food and who spread the word. You have flattered me with your appreciation of my culinary skills and have contributed to the birth of this venture. I understand how important and rich the Italian cooking tradition is, just like all the Italian culture. I am indebted to Mamma Adele for passing the cooking tradition onto me, developing my culinary skills and sharing her extraordinary recipes. To eat is a custom that is fulfilled twice a day. Eating well means you have a one more possibility for health and happiness. Thank you and hope to see you soon!” -Giovanni

Thank goodness for Giovanni and Mrs Andreoli for passing down his grandmothers recipes! Andreoli Italian Grocer is out of this world (actually, it’s 100% old school Italy!). From the moment you walk in and hear the family speaking Italian, the smell of freshly baked and cooked everything and the grocery counter lined with some of the most incredible baked desserts the valley has ever seen, you’ll be transported to a place unlike anything you’ve ever experienced in Arizona!

We had to try a few dishes and obviously were are glad we did. The first was on the daily specials, Spaghetti and Crab. This dish was beyond everything, so fresh, the pasta was made to perfection and the crab was flaky and simply incredible! The roasted pork sandwich again was fantastic but what toped off the beautifully seasoned pork was the baguette which is made daily evidently by a group of baking fairies (thats the only way we can explain it!). We also tried the fries and leaks…what a great dish to share and my personal favorite was the cannoli! I have yet been to Italy (it WILL happen soon!), but I felt like that cannoli took me there for a few moments!

The only reason I was aware of Andreoli Italian Grocer is because the name has come up a few times with friends when looking for great places to experience in Arizona. If you have an opportunity for catering, try them! If you want to pick up some desserts for a holiday dinner, try them! If you want to surprise the one you love with an authentic Italian experience, try them! I wish this grocer was on every corner, well at least my corner!

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