Z’s Greek: A Greek Fix in the Middle of Arcadia

The Dish: Pita Combo with Feta Salad
The Place: Z’s Greek
The Location: 4026 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85016

By: Clayton Porter

Arcadia is not a city immune to strip malls and chain restaurants, but as you drive along Indian School Road you frequently pass by free standing restaurants celebrating food from different parts of the country and the world.

Just past 40th street is Z’s Greek. The sign outside describes the food as “Chicago Style” while on the inside the branding boasts “Authentic Greek Cuisine.” Is this contradictory? I’ve been to Chicago but never Greece, so I cannot say 100% that they are different places. Do I care though? No, the food here is good-that’s all that matters.

The Greek cuisine on the menu;  hummus plates, dolmades, spanikopita, gyro meat, lamb or chicken slouvaki in pita or platter options. Then there are some American options which must be where the Chicago style is applicable; a feta burger, Greek gyro cheese steak and Chicago style hot dogs.

I go with the gyro pita combo that comes with a drink and choice of fries or feta salad. Taking the healthier option of the two I pay for my order at the counter and take a seat. Just outside is a patio for seating but it’s far too hot out right now for that. Inside, TV’s hang above the tables with both sports and the news on. The walls and ceiling are painted a crisp white and a deep blue. Colors of the Greek flag and colors that invoke imagery of being at a spot along the Mediterranean coast with a slight breeze over the water.

Once the food is brought out I try the salad first. Feta lovers rejoice, the salad is topped with a generous portion of the cheese. The salad also consists of dressing, sliced cucumbers and red onions. The pita is full of gyro meat and topped with lettuce and red onions. No tomatoes for this guy at my request, not a fan unless its in a sauce. Tzatziki sauce is spread over the meat to give it that final flavor. My first impression of the dish, and what stands out the most, is the pita bread itself. It has a unique taste to it. A richer flavor then what you normally find in a pita that enriches the wraps’ taste overall. Not sure if that’s the Chicago side of the dish or the Greek-either way I am a fan.

The meal is simple, filling and not too heavy especially if you are like me and order the salad over the fries. The spot is great for a quick bite or if you are really in a hurry they have a drive through option to order your food.

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