Holy Guacamole!

The Dish: Pomegranate dried fruit guacamole vs Bacon chicharron guacamole
The Place: Sumo Maya
The Location: 6560 N. Scottsdale Road Scottsdale, AZ 85253 (480) 397-9520

By: Erik Merkow

Well, as we said in the post “A Poetic Culinary Creation” the dishes we tried at Sumo Maya were so incredible, we are spreading them out over a few posts.

Today we must share with you two spectacular guacamoles…so darn good they had us doing our best Will Farrell impersonation of Harry Carays “Holy Guacamole!!” right there at the table! (sorry, couldn’t find any video on the internet for you)

These guacamole dishes had us the moment they were delivered to the table. The Pomegranate guac practically jumping out of the bowl with its vibrant colors from the edible flowers to the pomegranate and dried fruits. And the bacon guac with the mouth watering thick slices of pork belly (what mans mouth doesn’t water at the smell and sight of bacon?) couldn’t help stealing a slice from the top.

We thought for sure the hands down winner would be the bacon…but to Cooper and my surprise the pomegranate guac took the challenge. I never imagined mixing anything sweet with guacamole until I heard Kelly Ripa talking about her breakfast with toast, honey and guacamole…she loved it and boy was she right! This mixture was absolutely a flavor fiesta happening right in my mouth.

If you’re an “Zonan” who loves your guacamole, get over to Sumo Maya and try a few of theirs…i’m sure you’ll be saying “holy guacamole!” a few times yourself!

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