A Hot Mess You’ll Want A Date With!

The Dish: The Debacle, The Trainwreck, The Hot Mess
The Place: Hot Mess Buns Food Truck
The Location: Food Tuck…Find Them Here

By: Heather Ripberger

Recently I attended a Food and Wine Festival, which allowed me to indulge so much, I felt like I wouldn’t need to eat for days. On my way home, I spotted a food truck with a picture of a blonde girl on it that said “Hot Mess“. I laughed wondering how my picture could possibly end up on a food truck, after all, that pretty much sums me up. As I took another glance, I noticed the blonde girl was holding a cinnamon bun and it actually said “Hot Mess Buns”.
Could I be reading this correctly? I quickly made a swift U-turn (not even noticing if it was legal or not) so I could check out it out.

Sure enough, “Hot Mess Buns” IS a Cinnamon Bun Truck. When I walked up to the truck I noticed pictures
and descriptions of each type of bun. Suddenly, I realized I was becoming hungry. Even though I ate enough earlier in the day to feed the entire Arizona Cardinals Football team. I decided to buy one of each kind. After all, I like big buns and I cannot lie.
All their buns are made from scratch daily.

The Debacle:
A homemade Cinnamon Bun made with Ceylon Cinnamon imported from Sri Lanka. Served with your choice of Plain Glaze or Maple Glaze.
The Trainwreck:
Their Signature Bun with choice of Plain or Maple Glaze plus Cream Cheese frosting.
The Hot Mess:
Their Signature Bun made with Plain or Maple Glaze, Cream Cheese Frosting, plus choice of drizzle, which included chocolate, caramel, white chocolate or Nutella. Topped with Cap’n Crunch Cereal.

After our family sampled and devoured all of them, it was difficult to pick a favorite. Each Cinnamon Bun was fresh and gooey. As they should be. They were even delicious the next day. We heated them up and they still tasted like they were just made fresh from the oven and smelled oh so good.
I now follow “Hot Mess Buns” on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, so I know where to find these fresh and delicious Cinnamon Buns and if you’re looking for amazing buns, you should follow them too.

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