A Little Help with the COVID 15lbs!

By: Glen Davis

So, we are in our 6th month of coronavirus related “new normal“. It’s Sunday, and you’re out making a few errands from behind your mask.

You find yourself in north Scottsdale and you’re hungry. Since isolation, you’ve put on your “Corona weight“ and you prefer to eat something healthy. What to do? WHAT to do? WHAT DO YOU DO!!??
The Protein House at Scottsdale Road and Mayo Boulevard was our choice this past Sunday.  Having never been there before, I took the name to mean that I was about to eat something healthy and I noticed that it had a nice little outdoor seating area. Both worked perfectly for us.
There are a number of great choices. Everything from fresh, healthy protein pancakes, build your own lean bowls, great burgers and wraps, shakes, etc.
We both decided to do “The General“ bowl. This is a bowl with wonderful organic grass fed bison and is complete with broccoli, asparagus, tomatoes, red peppers, and avocado. I had mine on white rice and Cynthia, wanting to be even more healthy, took the “double vegetable“ option and nearly completely reduced her carbs to nothing.
The bowls were awesome! The Bison Meat had a fantastic smoky aroma and flavor. They were large enough to be filling but not so overwhelming as to be stuffed. The price was right as well. It was about a $30 lunch for the two of us.
We are definitely going back! If you’re looking for a healthy snack in the middle of the day or just need a protein shake after the work out, try your local protein house.

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