A True Dish


By: Erik Merkow

The Dish: Kale-Aid (Kale, Apple, Cucumber, Celery, Lemon & Ginger
The Dish: Miso Soup (Wild Mushroom & Scallions)
The Dish: Albacore Tataki (Lime Ponzu, Daikon, Avacado, Cucumber & Scallions
The Place: True Foods, Scottsdale
The Location: Scottsdale Quarter

As I was out today looking for a quick light bite, I ended up at True Foods, one of my favorite FRC spots. After a quick view of the menu I landed on three things. The Kale-Aid which is this old ex-athletes version of Gatorade. The Miso Soup which is quite litterly the best Miso I have ever had (which doesn’t make sense to me because I’ve only had Miso at sushi restaurants), and a new dish for me, Albacore Tataki, an incredible seared tuna accopanied by daikon, avocado, cucumbers and scallions.

If you’re looking for a light lunch or a anti-inflamitory diet that will knock your socks off…do yourself a favor and head to True Foods.

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