Best Pizza in Arizona…What’s Your Favorite Pie! Vote Today!

The Dishes: Arizona’s Best Pizza of the Year – 2015
The Place: Az Food & Wine
The Voters: You
The Voting Method: The Poll Below (scroll down)

Az Food & Wine community, we need your help.  We’re looking to crown the Best Pizza of The Year in Arizona.  We’ve found some of the best pizzas in town and think we have the list covered, but in case we missed someone, please let us know (add them at the bottom). Do you love POMO, Pizzeria Bianco, Spinato’s, Grimaldi’s, Lamp, CIBO, Rosati’s, or La Piazza Al Forno?  Then you need to vote and help spread the word on some of the best pizza in Arizona!    Please go to the poll below and place your vote for the Best Pizza in Arizona, then share with you friends, and their friends, and so on, and so on, and so on!

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