Burgers and Burnt Sugar

The Dish: Burger Brulee – Fried egg, bacon, onion, burnt sugar, havarti
The Place: Paradise Valley Burger Company
The Location: 4001 E Bell Road, Phoenix 85032   Phn: 602-535-4930   Monday – Sat 11am to 8pm
By: Erik Merkow

Today we did something that was sooooo way overdue we’re a bit embarrassed.  We finally made it to the award winning Paradise Valley Burger Company also featured on Diner, Drive-ins, and Dives, a valley hotspot!  Located on the south east corner of 40th street and Bell.  Paradise Valley Burger Company doesn’t have a fancy sign drawing you in.  It’s a framed boxed sign with text which Google street view blurred out for some stupid reason.  Very unassuming for the best burger in town.

What Bret Shapiro is doing at PVBC is truly something special.  So much so, we are eager to do a chef article on him sometime in the very near future.  The journey through Flavor Town Bret takes you on is a trip any foodie or hamburger lover will be ecstatic to experience.  Our trip took us to the signature burger, Burger Brûlée with fried egg, bacon, onions, burnt sugar, and harvarti.  Yes, you read that right, burnt sugar….it’s genius!  The flavor combination capped with this burst of sweetness that really has a slight burnt flavor is unlike anything i’ve ever consumed.  It’s absolutely something very special to experience.  I try not consume an entire dish when i’m out “working” simply due to the work hazard of an ever expanding waistband.  Today I couldn’t adhere to that work standard and will be running 5 miles in this wonderful heat shortly.  Thanks Bret!  😉  My associate (ok, my daughter) had a simple Paradise Burger with lettuce, tomato, pickled onion, and cucumber.  I’ve never seen her so quiet, she devoured her burger!  She also enjoyed the Lucky Charms shake which was a hit especially with the favorite part of the Luckey Charms (the marshmallows) elegantly resting on the whipped topping.

If you enjoy experiencing a journey of flavors and incredibly creative dishes, you 100% need to make your way to Paradise Valley Burger Company.

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