CoR Tapas & Wine: Mic Drop!

The Place: CoR Tapas & Wine
The Dish: Can We Say…The Entire Menu!!
The Location: 4500 North 12th Street Phoenix, Arizona 85014

Tapas… Originating from the Southern part of Spain, it means “to cover”. Tapas began as a complementary slice of bread or meat placed above wine glasses. Today, they have evolved to becoming small plates to be paired with wines and shared in conversation with family & friends.

CoR Tapas & Wine in Phoenix has perfected…and beyond the Tapas experience.  We went in to this wonderful new restaurant a week and a half ago.  Our friend Maria turned us on to CoR, which we are so thankful for.  CoR is on the corner of Campbell and 12st, tucked away in a cosy part of a Phoenix neighborhood.  You can tell from the moment you walk in, the design and construction of this building comes from a place of pride and passion which most importantly is delivered in their incredible dishes delivered in a beautifully artistic presentation.  You have to go on a Wednesday night to hear the live harmonica music…when have you ever seen a harmonicist playing live in a wine bar or restaurant?  It was fantastic and complimented the food and wine perfectly!

The food at CoR is off the charts incredible!  We started off with a wonderful brussels sprout salad that had an incredible depth of flavors. The leaves, caramelized onions, shaved Manchego with a sweet citrus vinaigrette will leave you wanting to oder a second helping.  We next tried the Gambas Al Ajillo Shrimp, with Butter, garlic, parsley.  We also tried the Seared Scallops with crumbled bacon, passion fruit coulis…these dishes were so good, I found myself cussing in a very good way!

We can’t talk about all of the wonderful food without mentioning the wine…  The wine at CoR compliments their menu in a way it seems like it was created in one of each other!  Which makes total sense, it probably was.  CoR carries some incredible wines that will introduce some must have to your personal wine favorite lists!

I can literally go on and on about the food, wine and a few other dishes we had to try, but I ‘ll simply implore you to get to CoR and try them for yourself, there isn’t a single dish that won’t become a favorite dish one upping the last!


P.S Triple Delight dessert….mic drop!  GO TO CoR!


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