Curb Side Bakery Service…Oh Yeah!

The Dish: Chocolate Rosette Cake A light and moist chocolate cake topped with our vanilla butter cream                      The Place: The Bakery Phoenix
The Location: 1528 E. Bethany Home Rd. On Bethany Home just past 16th St. next to The Garage

By: Erik Merkow

Not too long ago, we visited The Bakery Phoenix, at Bethany Home Rd just past 16th Street.  One of the things that keeps popping into my head is similar to some of the greatest and most successful companies in the world that started out of a garage ( i.e. Apple, HP, IBM), the greatest cookies and bakeries started in their home kitchens.  Take the story of The Bakery Phx from their own words…

“We started our story in Phoenix back in the kitchen of my grandmother’s house in Montreal. We would stand for hours watching her make delicious baked goods for the family, like my personal favorite, Apple Cake. Flash forward ten years to my mom’s kitchen where we tried to recreate her famous recipes, we had absolutely no idea what we were doing. Our first batch of apple cake was horrible. My lips puckered, everything was sour and I wanted to give up (and throw up) right then and there. But, I decided to give it a few more tries, and I found a love and passion for baking I never knew I had. My friends and family absolutely loved the creations I came up with and soon, an idea sprouted in my head: To open my own bakery. You see, not only do I love sweets, but I also adore food. Finding new and interesting ingredients and turning into a culinary masterpiece means just as much to me as creating my Grandma’s famous apple cake. That’s how this wonderful idea came to be, and I couldn’t be happier.”

This bakery is absolutely incredible, there wasn’t one single creation that didn’t make our mouth water or our lips smack with delight.  Of all the treats we tried, the one that stood out most with our tastebuds was the chocolate rosette cake, tops with my absolute favorite, butter cream frosting in a spectacular rose bud creation.  This cake is perfect for any dinner party, a Sunday brunch, or just dinner by yourself where you are just needing a little indulging time and maybe a beautiful glass of Pinot Nour.

The Bakery now offers curb side service, so my suggestion to you, click on the link above, order a few treats, then add a couple more and be a huge hit in the office, or home for dinner! I guarantee you’ll be a huge hit!!

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