DON’T Leave Your Cookie at the Door!!

The Dishes: Surf & Turf Tacos french braised shrimp, grass fed filet mignon
The Place: Chelsea’s Kitchen
The Location: 5040 N. 40th St., Phoenix, AZ 85018

I can’t begin to tell you how many times i’ve been told, “You need to try Chelsea’s Kitchen!”.
I’ll admit, i’m a bit embarrassed writing this article because it shouldn’t have taken me this long and today we finally made our way in. This instantly became one of my favorite patios in Arizona to have lunch at! Great open bar area, fireplace on the far side and big beautiful trees (can only imagine how it is at night!) and a perfect day!

We started off with the Brussels Sprout Salad (brussels sprouts are so in right now, I feel like i’m writing about them in every other article!) which was one of the best we’ve had in town. The combination of bacon, almonds, manchego cheese had the salad balanced to perfection. Next we tried the soup of the day which was a black bean soup with pork and a little kick of spice (I believe it was jalapeño) …loved it!! Our main dish was the surf and turf tacos which was made to perfection, the grass fed filet mignon could not have been prepared any better and the french braised shrimp is still making my mouth water!

Now…with all of those incredible dishes we experienced above, I was left with one thing as I was leaving that absolutely would have knocked my socks off if i was wearing any (I was in Az flip flops) As I looked around for a mint dish by the door, I spotted something better…a cookie tray! Yes, for those of you who have not been to Chelsea’s Kitchen…I did say cookie tray! I walked past these beautifully stacked cookies which appeared to have flakes of sugar sprinkled on top of them. I thought to myself, any restaurant that offers you a cookie as you leave must be special, so I indulged! And holy shit, thank god I did!!! This was an absolutely incredible cookie…but what I think took it to the next level was what I thought were the “flakes of sugar” they weren’t sugar, rather flakes of sea salt! Needless to say I didn’t speak a word to my friend that was waiting outside for me until I was completely done doing my num num num noises!

Get to Chelsea’s Kitchen, you won’t be disappointed with anything on the menu….and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, don’t leave your cookie at the door!

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