Effen Good Drinks!

The Drink: Effen Good
The Place: Bar Louie
The Location: 2000 Rio Salado Parkway in Tempe (480) 658-1600

By: Summer Pauli

Trying to relax and have an “Effen Good” drink? Look no further than Bar Louie. Bar Louie prides themselves as an eclectic urban bar with unique jazz themed artwork. The bar also features a local live band every Saturday night.

Effen Good is a fresh and light martini unlike any other. Made with Effen cucumber vodka and fresh lime juice, this drink is low calorie and refreshing.

The recipe:
2 oz Effen cucumber
¾ oz agave nectar
1 oz lime juice
5 cucumbers
5 mint leaves

As well as the popular Effen Good martini, Bar Louie’s berry mojito is a fruity classic loaded with fruits and muddled to perfection.

The recipe:
2 oz Cruzan black cherry rum
1 oz cane syrup
3 limes
1 blackberry
1 strawberry
5 mint leaves

So if you’re craving a good drink, no and f’en good drink…head to Bar Louie for some “Effen” Goodness!

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