Food Truck Trio

The Dishes: Berry-Tella Waffle / Caramel Hot Chocolate / Garden Veggie Burrito with Bacon
The Trucks: Waffle Crush / Pour Jo Coffee / Local Lunchbox
The Location: Valley wide (check their websites to find out where they’ll be next)

By: Laura Stoddard

At any time, in the Phoenix valley, dozens of food trucks are cruising around town, flashing their creative colorful facades, scouting for places to set up and deliver their hand-made, signature dishes. I recently tried the fare from three different trucks, and as with the majority of my experiences with these fun, mobile meal providers, all three get full marks for flavor, service, and price.

Waffle Crush
I have loved waffles since I was a kid. The flavor. The texture. The challenge of slowly, carefully filling up each individual square with syrup. But the best—the special dish I asked for every year for my birthday breakfast, was a hefty Belgian waffle slathered in strawberries and whipped cream. So naturally, when I saw the Waffle Crush truck, my inner child was drawn to it like, well, a kid who loves waffles. But these are the grown-up version of my childhood favorite, elevated to the status of gourmet fare. Their Liege dough is made fresh every day with imported pearl sugar, and cooked on a cast iron, which results in beautiful caramelization, guaranteeing a crispy exterior and soft, chewy center. Their menu is simple, and you can choose between one of their main plates, or a build-your-own option, which includes toppings ranging from Nutella to marshmallows to vanilla ice cream. I went with the Berry-Tella waffle, a glorious reproduction of my childhood favorite, topped with strawberries, homemade whipped cream, and a generous base spread of Nutella. It was melt-in-your-mouth delicious. And rich! I could barely make it through the whole thing. But I gave it a valiant effort. Waffle Crush’s motto is: Eat, Smile, Repeat. Give them a try and you’ll do just that. Check their website for locations, or even have them cater your next get-together (maybe some little girl’s birthday breakfast).

Pour Jo Coffee
Now, Pour Jo isn’t a purveyor of food, but instead, a charming coffee shop on wheels. And the concept of providing only beverages is a smart idea, as most other trucks are focused solely on providing food, so Jo gets an edge on the market of thirsty patrons. This family-owned truck is a regular (and a popular one) at street fairs, farmers markets, corporate offices—really anywhere it sets up, due to the uniqueness of the concept, the quality of the coffee, and the genuine, friendly service. Oh, and see that amazing mustache on their logo? Yeah, the guys in the truck having matching ones. It’s just a fun group of people, providing a delicious product. Their menu is pretty extensive, on par with other small coffee shops, offering everything from loose-leaf tea, to espresso, to Italian soda. If you’re feeling adventurous, try their Snickerdoodle Latte or Mustache Mocha; some classic drinks with a Pour Jo twist. I happened to track these guys down on a particularly chilly spring morning, so it seemed some hot chocolate was in order. But theirs went above and beyond, infusing the chocolate with caramel and cream, resulting in a tall cup of creamy, liquid awesomeness.

Local Lunchbox
Boasting “locally and seasonally inspired” food, this truck first drew me in with its vibrant, bold red exterior, and once I saw the menu, I was sold. Their wide variety of unique dishes (like the heirloom tomato BLT) looked both delicious and healthy. Unlike other trucks, the Lunchbox’s menu changes as the seasons change, because obviously, different produce and herbs are available at different times of the year. The truck does have a few staples that are always on the menu, like the Greek Salad and the Italian Chicken Sandwich, but depending on what season you catch them in, you’ll have some additional options based on the produce available. As it’s spring time, I was able to sample the Garden Veggie Burrito with Bacon. This fresh tortilla was packed with an assortment of delectable ingredients, including eggs, cheddar cheese, roasted red peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms , sautéed onions, and bacon. I liked that the fresh vegetables were the stars of the burrito, with the bacon as kind of an afterthought. It was piping hot when they handed it to me through the window, and one bite in, I was in love. This is a truck I will definitely follow (not literally—on their website!) to see where they’ll be next. Any place that uses locally grown ingredients gets my vote, and the Lunchbox incorporates them beautifully into fresh, delicious dishes.

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