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Tacos at Diego Pops

What: Tacos. Where: Diego Pops When: Anytime!

Tacos and Arizona seem to go hand and hand. And the first thing people seem to ask me when I tell them about AZ Food & Wine is, “Who has your favorite taco in AZ?” Boy, that’s such a loaded question in Arizona! I could probably go on for an hour with a number of different choices based on your location. But today, let’s talk about Diego Pops in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale!

Diego Pops has been in-between the Big and Tall store and the Montok for 5 or 6 years now. I’m pretty sure they’ve won best taco at the Taco festival a few times and rightfully so. Today I had three of their “best” taco as recommended by the bartender. The Charred Skirt Steak, Shrimp Taco, and the Braised Pineapple Pork taco in a crispy shell (highly recommended). The recommendation was right on! I’m not much for pineapples on anything, but this was fantastic and we now totally recommend you come try it out too! Our number two was the Charred Skirt Steak for sure. I’m excited to try this as a bowl too (which you can do with all their tacos). And the shrimp taco was a winner as well.

We were also informed there are a few other menu items that are a must. The California Burrito (charred skirt steak, pinto beans, sweet corn, tomato, crispy jalapeño potato, guacamole, and crema). The other dish, Brussels Sprout Nachos (see photo above with street corn quest, quest Oaxaca, Fresno chili, pickled onion, roasted garlic, beet crema, and fried egg)

If you haven’t been yet, do so soon and get these dishes in your belly!

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