Mind Blowing Yuzu Yellowtail! New OBON sushi+bar+ramen Scottsdale Quarter

The Dish: We’re Thinking Everything
The Place: OBON sushi + bar + ramen
The Location: 15059 N Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale AZ 85254
By: Erik Merkow

Fukushū Restaurant Concepts is bringing it’s culinary magic up from Tucson to Phoenix for the first time in OBON sushi+bar+ramen.  “OBON innovates both traditional and modern methods for a complete Japanese dining experience.”  We were invited for a “friends and family” soft launch on Saturday night and i’m finding myself already telling my friends and family this place is going to be an absolute home run.  OBON is located in the  Scottsdale Quarter across the street (directly east) of Dominicks Steakhouse (another one of our favorite spots in the Quarter!).

We started with a few craft cocktails which unfortunately I neglected to take notes or write down, but trust me they were very refreshing.  We also sipped on one of my newer favorites, unfiltered sake milky and chilled!  Whenever i’m enjoying sushi its a given to order edamame which was flavored with a light dusting of spices and oil…very yummy!  We then order from the crudo section, where these composed dishes are highlighting the raw protein at the center, including accentuating ingredients and components. The two we tried, JALAPENÑO ALBACORE (HH) with Persian cucumber, jalapeño, cilantro, ponzu, chive oil which was fantastic!!  And then the YUZU YELLOWTAIL with orange peel, spicy yuzu, crispy ginger, and cilantro greens.  This dish blew our minds!!  The layering of flavors was simply spectacular and would warrant a trip to OBON just for this experience!  The last dish we tried (which I wish we had stayed for a few more samplings) was the steamed buns, the modern take on steam buns. The SOFT SHELL CRAB with crispy fried blue crab, spicy mayo, and ginger slaw and the PORK BELLY with cucumber, scallions, and hoisin Chinese mustard.  Totally fell in love with these dishes and how the bun was more of and taco wrapping or shell to to the ingredience.  Soooooo goooood!

I can’t wait to go back to try the ramen, sushi, poke, katsu, street noodles, and i’m sure a few other plates.  OBON is a must try, and trust me you will fall in love with this wonderful new spot!

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