Somm Insider: Vol. 3 ~ Celebrating the History and Anniversary of LDV Winery

Somm Insider: Volume 3
Celebrating the History and Anniversary of LDV Winery

By: Darla Hoffmann

As Peggy Fiandaca and Curt Dunham, owners of LDV Winery celebrate the 10th Anniversary of their vineyard and winery, they share the story of how it all began. Long-time community and strategic planners, they started their venture as winecollectors, but dreamed of actually experiencing the magic that occurs when bringing grapes from the vine to the glass. And thanks to serendipity, that dream became a reality.

“LDV Winery emerged from an undeniable connection to the land, and an opportunity to make wine that showcased from where the grapes were grown” says Peggy. Their vineyard was going to be their new life, so every factor had to be satisfied for it to happen. Specifically, they wanted a true mountain environment, pristine and plentiful water, superior air and water drainage, volcanic soils and no previous commercial agriculture on the land or near the vineyard.

In September 2007 they set their eyes on a 40-acre plot of land tucked into the folds of the Chiricahua Mountains in southeastern Arizona (near the border of New Mexico). This property possessed all of the attributes they were looking for, so they took the leap, and ended up celebrating Thanksgiving dinner that year in their new vineyard home.

In 2008, Peggy and Curt completed the vineyard master plan and planted their first grapes, which had phenomenal growth. Over the past 10 years they’ve mastered how to accept the ever-so-sassy and unpredictable mother nature. Their delicate, yet resistant vineyard lived through frost and monsoons, and was lucky to have been spared from the effects of the Horseshoe Two Fire in 2011.

“The importance of choosing the right location is paramount,” says Curt. “Because of the perfect location, LDV has consistently produced high quality fruit and has been able to dodge weather events. We’ve learned some lessons though. It has been difficult to maintain a high performing estate winery business with all segments operating at peak performance consistently at the same time.”

In 2015 they decided to bring the vineyard to the Valley and opened a tasting room, the LDV Wine Gallery, in Old Town Scottsdale. There are four wineries within walking distance of LDV, creating what is now known as the Scottsdale Wine Trail.

The duo will kick off their 10th Anniversary with a series of events throughout the year, open to the public, with LDV wine club members receiving discounts. So, it seems that the serendipity that touched the life of LDV Winery in 2008 is ever-present in the roots of the vines that dig deep for nourishment, and in our enjoyment of every sip as it reaches our glass.

LDV Winery is located at 6951 E. 1st Street in Scottsdale. Hours of operation are Wednesday 12pm-7pm, Thursday-Saturday 12pm-8pm and Sunday 1pm-5pm. Their vineyard is located in Pearce, Arizona, with tours available by appointment. For more information, visit


Business owner, Darla Hoffmann, passed both her Sommelier Level 1 and Certified Level 2 exams with the highest score in her class, earning the esteemed “Walter Clore Scholarship”. She is a Certified Specialist of Wine and Hospitality Beverage under the Society of Wine Educators, a Certified Beer Server/Level 1 under the Cicerone Program, and a member of The Wine Century Club. Additionally, she works in the tasting room at LDV Wine Gallery, an award-winning winery in Scottsdale, has written for City Sun Times and MYnewsMesa, and has been a guest writer on The Society of Wine Educators’ site. Darla is the sole proprietor of About Wine, which focuses on wine education and marketing through means of tastings, classes, marketing, and promotions. She conducts customized classes at various restaurants and events in Phoenix, such as Wine 101: ‘The Grape Expedition’ series, and Italian Varietals: Wines of Bordeaux, Spain & Portugal. For more info, visit:

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