We Need Your Help! Who Has Arizona’s Best Taco?

The Dishes: Arizona’s Best Taco of the Year – 2015
The Place: Az Food & Wine
The Voters: You
The Voting Method: The Poll Below (scroll down)

Az Food & Wine is looking to crown Arizona’s Best Taco of the Year – 2015, and we need your help. We all have our favorite pizza (this is next), salad, hamburger, steak, seafood, dounut and pasta dish, we can go on and on (and we will)!  We are asking you to join our community and share where your favorite is, then help spread the word!  Please check out the poll below and see if your favorite is on the list (if it’s not, please add them).  Tell us where the best is, then share the poll with your friends, family and/or the favorite restaurant you voted for!  This voting is all you, our community!  This is your change to have a hand in sharing your favorite with the entire Az Food & Wine community!  Please vote today!


Thank you for taking the time to vote.  Please help us spread the word and driving others to share their opinion by sharing this post!

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