AH-SO Good!

Place: AHSO Sushi & Steak 

Location:  6033 W Bell Rd, Glendale 85308

Dish: Sushi rolls, Egg Rolls, and Gyoza

By: Chanesia Harper

Let me just start off by saying that once I found out about the happy hour at this place I fell in love and ran there.  Everyday 2:30 pm- Close, good food and drinks at an affordable price.  I have visited this place multiple times this month. I’m surprised they don’t know me by name. 

As soon as you walk in, you feel tranquility, relaxation, and happiness.   The decor, Asian inspired and full of color.  The female servers even wear beautiful kimonos to go with the theme. There is also a fountain with a few colorful fish. You can even throw coins in for good luck and make a wish. There’s no attire, thankfully they accepted me in my casual work attire.  

I ordered a spicy crab roll ($5.50), Vegas roll ($6.50), Eel Cucumber roll ($6.50), and California roll ($4.50) all freshly made.  The ingredients of these items are on the menu, I wish I could remember them all. I just eat and ask questions later. I was quite greedy I also ordered egg rolls ($4) and Gyoza ($4) both fried to perfection. Each served with their own delicious dipping sauce. I also ordered a few bud lights ($3) with lots of lime (I’m in love with lime).  Many other menu items are offered like beef, shrimp, and chicken yakisoba better than your average ramen, 20 plus sushi rolls and much more.

Before happy hour begins the restaurant offers lunch specials from open to 2:30 pm.  Featured are different combo options to mix and match the variety of food they have to offer.  If lunch or happy hour isn’t your thing the alternative is Teppanyaki.  A style of Japanese cuisine that is cooked on an iron griddle.  Gather around the grill as the chef entertains with quirky tricks while cooking your food.  I saw the chef throw a shrimp from the grill onto someone’s plate.  I definitely thought they were going to lose a shrimp, but the chef’s skillset was stronger than I thought.

PS.  I have only confirmed the happy hour for this particular location.  Verify with any other locations before going.  Don’t hesitate to stop by at any time, it will be worth your while.

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