I Was in a Coma of Deliciousness!

The Place:  Monroe’s Hot Chicken

The Location:  45 W Jefferson St, Phoenix, AZ 85003

The Dish:  Fried Chicken Sandwich (Medium heat level) and crinkle fries

By: Chanesia Harper

Bringing Nashville sinful flavors and a new beat.  This downtown restaurant located across the street from Cityscape is a must try. Founded by the owners of Lo Lo’s Chicken and Waffles.  Built with flair and creativity.

Decorated with a red, black, and white theme throughout.  On the walls are many mugshot portraits of different celebrities and memorabilia.  Giving the restaurant a chill and comfortable vibe.  No specific attire is required.

I went to the restaurant on Monday during lunch hour.  I was able to witness the hustle and bustle of downtown Phoenix.  The setup is a fast-food restaurant style. There is an option to order directly at the counter or at a computer.  After ordering they called my name within a few minutes and it was time to dig in.

I ordered the fried chicken sandwich topped with coleslaw, pickle, and house sauce ($12). I chose medium heat just to get a feel of how hot it would be.  The size of this sandwich was enormous, it took two hands.  My first bite, I was in a coma of deliciousness.  It was packed with flavor, crispiness, and heat.  I was so excited for the continuous flavor of this sandwich I had to take a break and enjoy the fries.  The crinkle fries crisped to perfection and a Cajun seasoning ($3.50).  I also sampled my friends smoked turkey greens ($4) and cornbread mac and cheese ($4). The greens nicely seasoned and a hint of spicy.  The mac and cheese not too cheesy topped with cornbread crumbs, not too bad.

Quick tip: Follow this company on Instagram, sometimes they have updates or stay open late. Instagram handle: monroeshotchicken; monroeshotchicken.com

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