It’s All Greek to Me!

We were recently invited to come in to try some new item on a valley mainstay, Pit Jungle. Pita Jungle has been in the valley since 1994 and at some point you’ve had to drive by one of Arizonas 23 locations (or dine in). AND…if you have somehow not been to one of those locations, shame on you. But it’s not too late! Pita Jungle is constantly staying up to date with their menu (who doesn’t love that?).

My all time fav has always been the Greek Salad with Gyro meat (extra meat of course) and the Humus Trio!!! Mouth is watering just writing about those dishes. However, this trip we ventured out and tried a few new dishes. The Wood Fired Fresh Salmon was so flavorful and cooked to perfection, it’s now on the regular dish list. The second was the chicken enchilada! Yes, you read that right! Enchilada at a greek restaurant. This might be my number one go to at Pita now. I absolutely loved this dish!

We could easily name this article “Welcome to the Jungle!” Chances are if you’re a valley native, you’ve been and lord knows Pita Jungle has probably seen it’s fare share of “Welcome to the Jungle” articles. So we’ll go with….”It’s All Greek (and healthy) to Me!”

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