Milk Bottles and Sliders…

The Dish: Prime Rib w/gorgonzola crumbles, au jus, creamy horseradish
The Place: The Living Room
The Location: Market Street at DC Ranch 20751 N Pima Rd., Suite #120 Scottsdale, AZ 85255 (480)404-7465

If you can’t tell, we spent our weekend in North Scottsdale and one of newest and coolest hangouts is The Living Room Wine Bar. They now occupy the space that used to be Armitage in DC Market Street, directly across from Market Street Kitchen. The Living Room has a great eclectic decor with three chandeliers hanging over the bar area and a bunch of couches you might have found in your living room growing up. One of my favorite things though are their water bottles, they are all old milk bottles, which I remember being delivered to my back door growing up. They also have mini milk bottle which they use to serve their wine by the glass in…it’s very cool!

The dish we fell in love with is a simple one but full of flavor and perfect when you are looking for a snack thats not too filling and might want to share with a few others. The Prime Rib with Gorgonzola Sliders are awesome. The prime rib is perfectly matched with this gorgonzola crumbles which then scream to be dipped into the au jus! It was impossible to leave any part of this dish on the plate!

You’ll think again the next time you want to hang out in your own living room, instead go live it up in The Living Room with some great wine, a warm atmosphere, and good food.

Drink well and eat happy!

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