The Mother of all ATMs!

The Dish: The Cupcake ATM
The Place: Sprinkles Cupcakes
The Location: North East corner of Camelback and Scottsdale Road

So today we were invited to check out the coolest ATM ever developed…the Sprinkles ATM on the North East corner of Scottsdale road and Camelback (on the north storefront window of Sprinks). I feel it is VERY important you know exactly where the machine is in the event you are in need of a late night munchie! Chances are though…you might still get lost (if you know what I mean?;-).

Old Town Scottsdale became one of the happiest places on earth with the installment of the 8th Sprinkles ATM machine in the US. The ATM (automatic teller machine) is available 24/7 and is restocked typically 3 to 5 times a day with all the same heavenly cupcakes you’ll find in store. The machine can hold up to 500 cupcakes at one time and the process for ordering is incredibly simple, as it should be if you are visiting due to the late night munchies.

So if you have yet to indulge in one of the most incredible baking creations ever presented to the human race, now you have no excuse when you’re driving by and they’re closed for the day. Pull over and have some fun with this one of a kind ATM…just know there are no deposits!

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