POMO…A Perfect Pizza! Pow!!


The Dish: The Pizza
The Place: POMO Pizzeria
The Location: Scottsdale 480.998.1366, Phoenix 602.795.2555, Gilbert 480.878.2222, Glendale 623.777.1868 (click on city for map)

By: Erik Merkow

Been their, done that (written on POMO that is), but we had to do it again because it’s just sooooo damn good!!!!  In our first article we said POMO was the best pizza in town, and we ruffled some pepperoni of the dedicated pizza lovers who can’t imagine there being another pizza better than their favorite.  We have since had some time to tell our friends, community and readers to try it…and it’s been an overwhelming agreement that POMO is the top spot in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Gilbert and Glendale for the best pizza in Arizona.

Their Story:


The signature style of Pomo Pizzeria creates an unparalleled pizza experience that combines authentic flavors with techniques handed down over generations. Our ingredients and process lets you discover Neapolitan pizzas in the true tradition that goes back hundreds of years and thousands of miles to Napoli, Italy.

Master Chef Matteo Schiavone begins with slow-rising sourdough kneaded from a Pomo family recipe that includes highly refined organic wheat flour imported from Naples, Mediterranean sea salt, and water. Proofed over 24 hours and formed and stretched by hand, the dough is delicately prepared, embellished with our classic tomato sauce, mozzarella and an assortment of the highest quality ingredients available.

Each pizza is finished at 905°F in our hand-built, wood-burning ovens, specially designed and constructed from ornate brickwork and bonded together with volcanic sands from the coastline of southern Italy.

Our time-tested process guarantees baked-in flavors and a soft, aromatic, flavorful crust – the signature style of a true Pizza Napoletana. Certified by Verace Pizza Napoletana and Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani, Pomo Pizzeria offers the most authentic Italian dining experience outside of Italy itself.


When I first visited POMO Scottsdale, the GM told me how Chef Matteo spent months traveling through Italy trying different pizzas, tasting different ingredients, and meeting a variety of authentic pizza chefs throughout the country in order to bring back the perfect recipe, and a flawless dough as the foundation for this perfect pizza!  I know we sound like we’re on the payroll, but we’re not.  We are just doing what our mission requires us to do, which is find great dishes and share them with our community!


We have yet to be lucky enough to sit with Chef Matteo or Stefano Fabbri, the founder and COB to enjoy one of the best delights we’ve heard about…the limoncello…but we sure hope we get the pleasure to do so soon!


So if you’re a fan of Grimaldies, Lou Malnati’s (coming very soon to Phx), or Pizzeria Bianco, we get the loyalty, BUT YOU HAVE to try POMO and let us know what your think!


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  1. Tony

    Couldn’t agree more, by far the best pizza in Phoenix! A true, authentic, Italian pizza, eating at Pomo is like being transported to Italy!

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