The Gladly: Sunday All Day Happy Hour


The Place: The Gladly
Suggested Adult Beverage: One of over 200 Whiskeys
The Food: Much more than your typical bar snack
The Location:  2201 E. Camelback RD #106

By: Kelly Loubet

In the heart of the Camelback Corridor, you’ll find one of my newest obsessions… The Gladly. Named one of Phoenix’s Best New Restaurants, The Gladly delivers. Not like… to your door. But you know what I mean. Imagine waking up on a Sunday morning and realizing that it’s not really morning anymore and you could go for a nice cocktail. The Gladly has happy hour on Sunday. All. Day. Long. Really.

The restaurant itself is simple, with an urban contemporary decor and a large bar. They have over 200 varieties of whiskey with a drink special every Happy Hour. I love a surprise, so I usually try whatever the drink special is just to try something new!

Let’s talk food. The one thing that I can’t get enough of at The Gladly is the Roasted Brussels Sprouts in corn grits, with Pecorino Romano cheese and truffle oil. YUM. This is the stuff dreams are made of. And at $5… you can order more than one. It’s ok. I’ve done it before. But stop me at 3 because “too much of a good thing”… you know.

The Sausage, Pretzel, and Cheese is also pretty amazing. It comes with chunks of delicious cheese, a pretzel loaf, slices of smoked sausage and a dish of mustard for dipping. Don’t forget to toast to deliciousness with one of the seasonal or local brews on tap. There’s even one for you gluten free folks!

So… basically… if you haven’t already… head over to The Gladly for Sunday Happy Hour. Just save some for me.


Kelly Loubet is a mom, a writer, a marketer, a full-time wine drinker, and lover of good things. You can catch up with her on Instagram @kellyloubet or follow her on Twitter at @kellyloubet.

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