Summer, sun and The Drew

The Drink: The Drew
The Place: Your Home Bar
The Creator: Brittney Bedford from The Herb Box

By: Brittney Bedford – Bartender Expert for Az Food & Wine

3 oz Sauvignon Blanc
.5 oz St Germain
.5 oz Grand Marnier
1 oz Club Soda

One of my favorite things about summer is sitting outside in the sun with friends enjoying a cold drink. I have my go to drinks like a mojito, Rose or even better the Sparkling Rose I am currently drinking while sitting outside at the new O.H.S.O with my pitbull and girlfriend.
A white wine Spritzer sounds like something that only teenagers and old ladies drink or at least that is what I thought. It has been so hot lately and I’ve noticed a lot of my customers drinking them, yes some were old ladies, but not all of them. I was inspired to make a spritzer that I would want to drink. While I was messing around with different combinations for this spritzer, I was working with my coworker Drew, he loves St. Germain so I was inspired to include it in my drink. I had to name this drink after him since not only does he love St Germain but he will also brighten your day just like this drink. St. Germain is made from the elderflower so it has a really nice floral flavor that reminds me of spring and summer. I started with a basic white wine spritzer using Whither Hills Sauvignon Blanc, ice and club soda. After adding the St Germain, there needed to be something else to mellow out the grapefruit, floral, grassy flavors going on so I added Grand Marnier which is a nice balance with its heavier flavor of orange and cognac.
Since you can’t have Drew with you at your pool or patio like I do, have the next best thinking, The Drew! It’s a guarantee to brighten your day!

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